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Happy International Women’s Day: A Conversation with Feven Yimer

| Leadership | No Comments

Feven Yimer has been working with Nuru Ethiopia since its Education Program began in 2014. Originally from Addis, Feven was driven to work for Nuru in southern Ethiopia by a…

petit 2

Petit Rebwi Inspires Fellow Community-Owned Cooperatives

| Agriculture, Nuru Model | No Comments

The hilly village of Nyamagenga in Kuria East sub-county is a breath-taking sight. From a distance you would mistake it for bare land where no farming takes place. The scenery…

Yonas Arega, Feven Yimer, and Zelalem Abera board a Kenya Airways flight on their way to Isibania, Kenya

Knowledge Shared and Friendships Made: Nuru Ethiopia/Nuru Kenya Exchange Visit

| Nuru Views | No Comments

In March 2017, staff members from Nuru Ethiopia visited the original Nuru project in Isibania, Kenya. None of the Ethiopian staff had ever left their home country and two of…