Crowdfund the end of extreme poverty in rural Ethiopia.

What if an organization discovered how to end extreme poverty in rural communities anywhere in the world? And what if that organization could calculate how much it would cost to fund that poverty-ending work for a specific community? And what if hundreds of people donated small amounts of money each month to end extreme poverty one community at a time, changing the lives of tens of thousands of people, forever?

This is Catalyst—the new way to fight extreme poverty with Nuru.

How Catalyst works:

Select a community from the list below.
Choose your monthly donation amount.
Track the community’s progress over the coming months.

Choose a Community:

Meteka Mele

100% Funded


$9,140/mo pledged by 134 people


53% Funded


$4,149/mo pledged by 73 people

Dubana Bulo

Opening Soon


$0 pledged by 0 people

More communities to be added in the future.

“The past few years, we have faced major challenges. [We] have not cultivated many crops. Due to this, there is great hunger in our community.  I have the biggest hope, since Nuru is here, that our community will be changed.”

Mesele Kasa, Hambisa Chairman

Current Members

Abigail Hills

Adam Fleming

Adam Riley

Alejandro Nunez

Alicia Levesque

Alison Hoyt

Allen Badeau

Ana Campos-McDonald

Andrew Cogar

Andrew Lurker

Ann Keefer

Anna Siverd



Anthony and Heather Mauro

Ashley Glock

Basil Fthenakis

Becky Charlton

Benjamin Manibog

Benjamin Young

Billy and Jamie Williams

Bradley Prugh

Brandon Wong

Brendan Bosch

Brent Oglesby

Brett & Amanda Huffman

Brian and Rachel Schupp

Brian Braat

Brittani Swearingen

Bryan and Stacey Kidd

Cameron King

Cammy Elquist LoRe’

Carolyn Dunaway

Carrie Batson

Cates-Cattaneo Family

Chad Coursey

Chad Gremel

Charles Steitz

Charlie Williams

Cheri Dial

Cherie Hayes

Christina Hoban

Christopher Baker

Christopher Doggett

Christopher Lang

Colleen Matz

Colleen Thornbrugh

Connie Roberts

Corey Bozic

Daisy Vargas

Daniel Hare

Daniel Harrison

Darren Audagnotti

Dave and Kate Kennedy

Dave Williams

David and Janine Brown

David and Kara Grotheim

David Fitzell

David Inman

Dean Hancox

Denise Varriano

Dennis and Peg Donahue

Diane Swearingen

Dick and Pat Lenham

Dick and Sibyl Towner

Dominique Neal

Donald Faul

Doug and Nicole Scott

Douglas and Anne Wood

Douglas Seich

Douglass Swearingen

Drew and Ali Bray

Eddie Greene

Emily McLaughlin

Eric and Sally Benson

Eric Liese

Erik Bengtsson

Erika Stafne

Garry and Lynnette Knowling

Garreth and Bonnie Sutton

Giovanni Portogallo

Greg Goodman

Gregory Dodge

Gregory McLaughlin

Haley Matuszynski

Harvest Christian Church

Henry Dotterer

Holly Martin

Jack Edwards

Jacob Anderson

Jacob Cox

Jake Harriman

James and Megan Bouck

James Hodge

James Vincent

Janice DeProspero

Jason and Sarah Bolen

Jason Morrow

Jean Ghera

Jean-Marie Hegarty

Jeff and Kelly Barrons

Jeff and Sarah Dodson

Jeffrey Jackson

Jennifer Gulledge

Jessie Van Eerden

Jing Zhang

Joel Morrison

John and Melissa Hancox

John Jansen

John Owens

John Walz

Jose Luis Campanello

Joseph Griffith

Josephine Reece

Josh Lauman

Joshua Meyer

Joy and Jared Goor

Joy Hunte

Julie Ream

Julie Tudor

Jun Chong

Kathy Carreon

Kati Holland

Katie Plum

Keith and Laura Galloway

Kim Do

Kim Keating

Kirk Copen

Kurt Scherer

Life is GOOD follow Us (Lars, Suzi, Tiura, and Liva)

Lisa Hough

Lisadenise Ricks

Lori Hermann

Lucas Harriman

Lynn Marmer

Margaret Hummelman

Margaret Nyweide

Marianne Berkovich

Marilyn Scott

Mary Ann Ryerson

Mary Stewart

Matt Wilkerson

Matthew Dodge

Matthew Gilbreath

Matthew Lee

Matthew Tilleard

Megan and Brian Shope

Megan Pavlock

Melissa Palmisciano

Micah and Nesha Crossman

Michael Files

Michael Hancox

Mike and Jan Harriman

Mike Morse

Mitchell Eisenberg

Nancy Ortberg

Nisha Chakravarty and Raj Beri

Nissa Van Riper

Noah and Kristen Campbell

Pat and John Hotchkiss

Paul Kokot

Rachel Seaman

Randy and Heather Warren

Rebecca Meinhard

Rebecca Thamann

Richard Ferrari

Rick and Lauren Ullman

Ridge Choi

Rob and April Pack

Rune Sorensen

Ryan Dew

Ryan Huffman

Ryan and Jayne Faul

Ryan Smither

Sallie Smith

Sarah Stamboulie

Scott Taylor

Seth Wolcott

Shelley Davies

Sherri Meyer

Smart Choice Computer Solutions-Wayne Snyder, President

Stephen Beckwith

Steve and Christi Powell

Steve Feldman

Steve Powell

Stuart Godwin

Tara Culp

The Schut Family

The Yankoff Family

Timothy Whalen

Tina Kambarian

Todd Mace

Tom and Andrea Kazarian

Troy and Stacy Tertany

Troy Hickerson

Tyler Nelsen

Vanessa Vancour

Vitali Dorosh

Wes and Jenna Mace

William and Elizabeth Atherton

William Dalton

William Danjczek

William Schenk

Yolanda Sarraga

Zack Arnold

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